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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2017 11:01AM MDT

Connecting Simian to your Sawt account allows you to push video from Simian directly to your Sawt media manager.   

By default, media is pushed to your company media manager. If you don't have a company page, your media will be pushed to your personal media manager.  If you don’t already have a Sawt account, sign up here.
A Simian account can only be associated with a single Sawt account.  We recommend that the Sawt account be an administrator account with privileges to administer your Sawt company page. 

1. Generating a Sawt Authorization Key 

From your Sawt account, select 'Account Settings' from your user profile menu located in the upper right side of the interface to open the account settings page.

At the bottom of the settings page, under the integrations heading, click the 'GENERATE NEW KEY' button.  This will generate a unique authorization key for your account.

Upon generating a key, copy your new key and Sawt User ID (sUID) from the upper left side of the account settings page.


2. Connecting Simian to your Sawt account

From your Simian account, select 'Account Info' from the Simian system menu located in the upper right side of the interface to open the account information window.  Then select the 'Sawt Integration' tab.  

Paste your Sawt User ID (sUID) and Sawt Authorization Key (sAKEY) obtained from step one into the respective fields and click the 'Connect' button.  Once connected, you'll see a 'Connected/Verified' message. You will then be able to share videos from your Simian Media Library to your Sawt account.

3. Sharing Video with Sawt

From the Simian Media Library, click on a video thumbnail to open the media edit window, then select the 'Share' tab.  Simply click the 'Share to Sawt' button and your video will be pushed to Sawt.


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