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CRM Integration

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2017 01:07PM MDT

CRM Integration

Connect and to enable presentation links and messages to be copied directly to your your favorite CRM.

To connect your CRM, click the arrow next to your profile icon on the right side of global top nav and select select My Profile.

  1. Enter your CRM’s BCC email address into the CRM Integration Email field.
  2. Select the type of presentation to be sent to your CRM. From the Send CRM Email On: Options are (NONE, REELS, PROJECTS or ALL)

NOTE: Most CRM applications will require authorization of your sender email address prior to the acceptance of the incoming emails to the BCC address.

If this is the case, add your email address. Most accounts are []. If you do not know your email address, please contact Simian Support.

Listed below, are support links to popular CRM services where help is available for locating your BCC address and to learn how to authorize your Simian email address:

Salesforce - BCC & Email Authorization Info
Zoho - BCC & Email Authorization Info
Pipeline Deals - BCC Info, Email Authorization Info
Highrise - Bcc Info, Email Authorization Info

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